Fiber Optic Components and Peripheral Products
Light guides for endoscope

UV-VIS optical fiber

Usable borosilicate glass fiber for UV light (365nm)

  • Much more flexible than Silica fibers
  • Finer randomization with smaller diameter
  • Boast larger NA, enabling efficient light collection


  • UV-curing
  • Penetrant testing
  • Detecting flux residue and leak
  • Fluorescence, Light-storing reactions
  • Anti-counterfeit
  • Medical Applications etc.

Transmission Curves

Measurement conditions
Bundled Diameter 4mm x length 1000mm

*ST365-35/SOG-70S: Individual diameter 50μm Silica fiber: Jacket diameter 240 μm

  • Stability for Output intensity by using 365nmLED

    Less decrease
    Measurement conditions
    ST365-35 LG (Outer Diameterφ4mm×L1m)
    SOG-70S LG (Outer Diameterφ4mm×L1m)

    * LED:365nm Irradiation Intensity: 100mW

  • Solarization Stability

    Little change
    Measurement conditions
    Metal Halide Lamp 250W

    * ST365-35 LG (Outer Diameterφ4mm×L1m)


Fiber diameter 50μm±3μm 30μm±3μm
NA 0.32

Wider NA than silica fiber (NA0.22) !

Opening Angle (2θ) 38° @587nm