Nazetaro’s Room

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Why Nazetaro?

The SUMITA mascot is a rooster named Nazetaro (“Naze” means “why”, and “taro” is a common name suffix in Japan). Nazetaro is not the narrowly confined chicken of a poultry farm, but a free-range rooster with a passion, skill and talent who thinks out of the box.

Nazetaro represents our corporate philosophy,
“Act Freely, Think Flexibly, and Stay Resilient”.

We believe that freedom to act maximizes our capabilities. Our hands-off management helps to foster creativity and growth, responsibility in employees as it allows them to come up with excellent solutions rather than being told what to do. Flexible with new ideas helps to adapt changes in competitive marketplace. Resilience enables us to overcome difficulties, to thrive in face of adversity.

At SUMITA, employees play at their strengths. Some of the unique characteristics of them are shown in:
- Aspiring researchers who devote themselves in one product development for more than 10 years,
- Persistent engineers who stick to checking their products thoroughly until they are satisfied with the quality, and
- Playful developers who create innovative products from little hints.

At head-office of SUMITA, there is no such thing as offices of the CEO and Executives. Layout of the office is flexible, and SUMITA has a refresh corner full of indoor plants where natural light comes in from big windows. Like the open ceiling structure of SUMITA building, we have open communication in the workplace. Those who provide technology must have a flexible thinking.

Just like Nazetaro, employees act freely, think flexibly, and stay resilient.