Our Company

As a leading innovator in glass science and optical design,
SUMITA has been working diligently in the field of light and optical glass since its foundation in 1953.

At the time when glass materials were mainly imported, and not produced in Japan,
SUMITA started manufacturing of optical glass, and later established advanced precision processing technology.
Furthermore, from 1960s,
SUMITA has developed its optical fiber technology,
and built an integrated production system that allows manufacturing in-house from glass materials through to finished products.
SUMITA’s optical fiber products have been widely used in the field of medical, communication, measurement, lighting, and optoelectronics.

Now SUMITA produces more than 200 kinds of products,
which range from molding aspheric lenses for cameras, microscopes and endoscopes, optical fibers, to various glass filters and advanced glass materials.

SUMITA has been placed an emphasis on thinking out of the box and a challenging spirit.
Rather than excessive commercialization and corporate profits, we, SUMITA,
have been putting efforts on creating high-value-added products for customers and inspire the world in new ways.

Shining like a glass, bright like a light, we, SUMITA,
keep seeking the infinite possibilities of technological development with our free and flexible mind.