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Why Use Glass Fiber Optics?

  • Transmit light and images
    Glass optical fibers are able to carry light into confined spaces, or transmit images out of confined spaces. Glass fiber can be used in high-temperature environments.
  • Flexible
    Glass optical fibers are bendable and flexible due to their small diameters. This properties allows them to be routed into tight areas.
  • Heat Resistant
    Temperature resistant up to 350 ℃.
  • Resistance to Electrical Interference
    Glass does not normally transmit or conduct an electrical charge. Glass fibers can be used in electrically noisy environments without concern as electrical noise will not affect fibers.
  • Geometric Variations of the End Configurations
    A wide variety of bundle end geometry available by arranging the fiber alignment of entrance end and exit end of the fiber bundle.
  • Divergence and Convergence of Light
    A bundle of fibers can be split into two or more fiber bundles.
  • Fiber Bundle Randomization to create homogenous lighting
    Fibers can be randomized (interweaved/braided) to make the output more uniform.
  • Well-balanced Lighting made of Blended Fibers
    Blending optical fibers with different numerical apertures will provide well balanced lighting regardless of distance.