Aspherical/Specialty Lenses
MRF Magneto-Rheological Finishing

MRF Magneto-Rheological Finishing

It is the way to polish a workpiece by means of the shear force generated by delivering the MR (magnetorheological) fluid containing abrasives into a rotating wheel, and plunging the workpiece into the abrasibes, which is suitable for final polishing or polishing correction of precision optics.

The Equipment: Q-Flex100

  • "Final polishing" is possible for workpieces from dia. 10mm to dia. 80mm.
  • Plane (including rectangular), spherical, aspherical and cylinderical shapes are available in the polishing processing.

* Both plano-convex and meniscus shapes are also available.

  • Plano-concave

  • Biconvex

  • Plane

  • Biconcave

* Concave lens with R14mm or less, and collared lens are not available.

The Polishing Methods

  • Spiral Polishing

    The way to polish lens while rotating the lens
    Processing in a shorter period of time is possible with a high polishing rate compared to raster polishing.

  • Raster Polishing

    The way to polish lens in the raster form
    Superior surface accuracy can be obtained.