Aspherical/Specialty Lenses
Aspheric Microlens Arrays

Aspherical Microlens Arrays

SUMITA’s microlens arrays includes aspheric lenses manufactured by precision molding. For microlens arrays, we use glass materials which have high temperature resistance and durable properties in challenging environments. Our microlens arrays comply with the Telcordia Specifications.
Two configurations available: aspheric microlens arrays for collimator or LD coupling.
Economic mass-production (more than 10 thousand pcs per month) using precision molding die is available upon request.


  • Collimator lens for telecommunications
  • Coupling lens for telecommunications
  • Condenser lens for LD

Processing Examples

Usage Examples

  • Fiber to Fiber

  • VCSEL to Fiber


Dimensions ≦ 7 mm
Lens thickness ≧ 0.3 mm
Number of lenses Upon request
Pitch tolerance ≦ 1 µm
Radius of curvature ≧ 150 µm
Maximum Tilt 40°
PV error P-V ≦ 1 µm
Surface roughness Ra 0.030 µm

Custom made products are available upon request.

Sample Products’ Specifications

For Collimator For LD Coupling
Design wavelength 1550 nm 850 nm
Focal length 0.6 mm 0.35 mm 0.22 mm
Numerical Aperture 0.18 0.14 0.3 x 0.2
Lens pitch 250 µm 127 µm 250 µm
Number of lenses 12 40 12
Lens diameter 240 µm 125 µm 240 µm
Lens thickness 0.6 mm 0.76 mm 0.55 mm
Lens sag 25 µm 10 µm 38 µm

Samples available upon request. Please feel free to contact us.