Aspherical/Specialty Lenses
Aspheric Cylindrical Lens Arrays

Aspherical Cylindrical Lens Arrays

Micro-structured, high precision cylindrical lenses are molded with die
Precision molding makes flat plates into aspheric cylindrical lens arrays which have two orthogonally crossed different shapes on both sides.

Each cylindrical surface can be designed to aspheric shape, which is ideal for optical integrator.


  • Optical fiber coupling
  • Light dispersion
  • Forming laser lines
  • Sample Product’s Specifications

    Dimensions 8 mm × 8 mm
    Lens thickness 0.7 mm
    Number of lenses 30 × 30
    Pitch 0.250 mm
    Focal point 1.0 mm
    Curvature radius 0.69 mm, 0.40 mm

    Paid samples available upon request.

Examples of Special Shapes using Cylindrical Face