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Light Rod Conduits/ Fiber Rods

Light Rod Conduits/ Fiber Rods

Rigid Fiber Rods have excellent light transmission
Light Rod Conduits are rigid fiber rods which consist of core and cladding. Cores and claddings are fused together without adhesive. Light Rod Conduits have higher transmittance than epoxied light guides and have a higher resistance to high temperature.

Type of Rods


Type of rod Name NA Opening angle Diameter Length
Conduit SMC-120 0.86 119 φ1.5〜13mm 2〜300mm
(Depends on outer diameter)
SMC-80 0.64 80
SMC-70 0.57 70
SMC-35 0.30 36
SMC-15 0.15 18
Pressed conduit SPC-70 0.56 68 Please contact us
Single rod SSR-160 0.98 163 φ0.5〜10mm 2〜1,000mm
(Depends on outer diameter)
SSR-120 0.86 119
SSR-80 0.64 80
SSR-70 0.57 70
Glass rod Each glass type - - φ0.5〜10mm 2〜900mm