Fiber Optic Components and Peripheral Products
Leached Image Guides/Bundles

Leached Image Guides/Bundles

Leached image guides consisting of flexible and coherent fiber optic bundles are used for transmitting optical images from one end to the other, which are suitable for endoscopes in narrow and elongated spaces.

Fiber optic components consisting of single fiber diameter 4 - 8 microns in bundles of thousands to 16 thousands, all precisely aligned together at both ends. This structure enables transmission of an image to the other end of the bundle. Our image bundles are used for medical and industrial use in the latest products.

Standard Distal Ferrule


Model Ferrule Active area (φD) Total length (L) Single fiber diameter Pixel count Exterior material
Object side Eyepiece side
Outer diameter (φA) x length (L1) Outer diameter (φB) x length (L2)
mm μm pix
056F1000-4.6 φ0.56×3.6 φ0.64×9.5 φ0.38 1,000 4.6 8,100 Polyurethane
056F1000-6.9 φ0.56×3.6 φ0.64×9.5 φ0.38 1,000 6.9 3,600
064F1000-6.4 φ0.64×3.8 φ0.7×13.0 φ0.4 1,000 6.4 5,200
064F1050-6.4 φ0.64×3.8 φ0.7×13.0 φ0.4 1,000 6.4 5,200
076F0855-7.2 φ0.76×3.5 φ1.05×12.0 φ0.5 855 7.2 5,200 Silicone
082F1000-7.0 φ0.82×3.5 φ0.82×3.5 φ0.5 1,000 7.0 7.000
116F0840-7.4 φ1.16×3.5 φ1.6×8.5 φ0.89 840 7.4 16,000
122F0760-7.4 φ1.22×4.0 φ1.22×11.5 φ0.89 760 7.4 16,000
126F0670-7.4 φ1.26×3.5 φ2.04×13.2 φ0.89 670 7.4 16,000
126F0760-7.4 φ1.26×3.5 φ2.04×13.2 φ0.89 760 7.4 16,000
126F0840-7.4 φ1.26×3.5 φ2.04×13.2 φ0.89 840 7.4 16,000
126F0895-7.4 φ1.26×3.5 φ2.04×13.2 φ0.89 895 7.4 16,000
126F0910-7.4 φ1.26×3.5 φ2.04×13.2 φ0.89 910 7.4 16,000
14F0545-8.1 φ1.4×3.5 φ1.4×11.5 φ1.0 545 8.1 16,000
  • *1 Grades such as ESA and SA are distinguished due to the number of allowable defects. Kindly contact us for the details.
  • *2 Customized leached fiber bundles can be available upon request.