Optical Glass Materials
Pressed Blanks

Pressed Blanks

Pressed blanks are hot formed parts produced by pressing of reheated, softened optical glass into shape with molds. Pressed blanks are suitable for high-mix low-volume production.

SUMITA has reheat press, hot press, and cut-bar technologies, so even small lots are manufactured to high precision with consistent quality. SUMITA can produce various sizes and forms, such as round blanks, prisms and other special shapes using a large variety of glass types.

Pressed blanks are suitable for high-mix low-volume production, small volumes for sampling, and economical production
SUMITA has long-standing expertise in handling special glasses and shapes as well as production of high-end precision parts
Pressed blanks can be used in all optical applications, various lenses and prisms


Size φ6 - 220 mm
Shape biconvex, plano-convex, convex-concave
Minimum quantity/lot 100 pcs/lot

* Custom shapes can be manufactured upon request. Please contact us for details.