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Fly’s Eye Lenses

Fly’s Eye Lenses

Ideal for uniform illumination of lasers and high-power LED light source
SUMITA’s fly’s eye lenses and fly’s eye arrays are made by precision molding. Since our fly’s eye lenses are made of glass, they possess excellent heat resistance and the capability to be used in a wide wavelength range.

Usage Example

A fly’s eye array is a two dimensional array of individual optical elements assembled or formed into a single optical element and used to spatially transform light from a non-uniform distribution to a uniform irradiance distribution at an illumination plane.

  • Sample Product’s Specifications

    Dimensions 11 mm x 11 mm
    Lens thickness 1.8 mm
    Cell size 1 x 1 mm
    Focal length 29 mm
    Radius of curvature 15 mm

    We can custom-manufacture fly’s eyes lens products upon request.