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Fluoride Fibers for Visible Fiber Lasers

Fluoride Fibers for Visible Fiber Lasers

Our rare-earth doped fluoride glass fiber excited by blue LD emits multiple colors of fluorescence. This fiber is capable of performing laser oscillation by using optical cavity (resonator).


  • Host medium: waterproof fluoride glass (AlF3-based glass system)
  • Laser oscillation available in various wavelengths. Visible fiber lasers with red, orange, yellow*, green or blue-green emission.
    * Effective yellow emission is rare in solid-state laser materials.
  • Pump source: blue LD
  • Double-clad fibers for multi-mode pumping and producing single-mode lasers. This structure allows multi-mode pumping in the large cladding area while the single-mode signal is generated in the small core region, thereby producing higher-output powers.
  • Simple configuration, highly efficient, and cost-effective laser fiber
  • Emission wavelength ranges of our rare-earth-doped fluoride fibers:
    Doped ion Emission wavelengths
    Dy3+ 570-580 µm
    Pr3+ 480-495 µm, 520-525 µm, 534-541 µm, 600-620 µm, 620-640µm
    * Other rare-earth ions can be doped upon request.
  • RoHS compliant

Wavelength Output

Schematic Diagram of our Cladding-Pumped Double-Clad Fiber

Application Examples

  • Display technology (e.g. visible fiber lasers with red, orange, yellow, green or blue-green emission)
  • Light sources for color holograms
  • Fiber lasers and amplifiers
  • Medical applications (e.g. photocoagulation surgery, examination, medicine. Yellow laser can be used in biomedicine, ophthalmology, and medical treatment for acne melisma and facial telangiectasia)
  • Ultra-short (compact) visible fiber laser system
  • High power tunable visible lasers and UV generation
  • Laser processing for industrial uses (e.g. marking, cutting, welding, paste-free soldering)
  • Biology
  • Metrology
  • Optical storage
  • High power continuous wave (CW) laser