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Faraday Rotator Glass

Faraday Rotator Glass

  • SUMITA’s Faraday rotator glass is a glass material for a faraday rotator optical element, which is ideal for isolators for visible light and faraday cell polarimeters.
  • SUMITA provides two types of faraday rotator glasses - VL5000 and VR1000. VL5000 is a paramagnetic glass with a high rotational characteristic, and VR1000 is a diamagnetic glass, suitable for use of lead glass replacement.
  • RoHS: Compliant


Paramagnetic glass Diamagnetic glass
VL5000 VL2200* VR1000
Verdet constant V (min/Oe/cm) (632.8 nm, 300K) -0.487 -0.22 0.098
Transformation point Tg (℃) 767 716 425
Thermal expansion (α×10-7) 86 58 98
Specific gravity S.g 6.13 4.15 7.06

* A reference product; please contact us for details.

VL5000 Paramagnetic Glass

  • Transmission Spectrum

  • Verdet Constant (V) by Wavelength

Paramagnetic Glass VL2200

  • Transmission Spectrum

Diamagnetic Glass VR1000

  • Transmission Spectrum

  • Verdet Constant V by Wavelength