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SUMITA Opens New Manufacturing Facility, Increasing Medical and Commercial Supply Capabilities of Aspheric Lens and Optical Devices


Sumita Optical Glass opened a new manufacturing facility in Tajima-Tabehara Factory, Fukushima, Japan on May 13, 2021. This 1900-square-meter facility will enable Sumita high-volume manufacturing of molded aspheric lenses and other optical devices. The new facility features vibration isolating floors, precision air conditioners, and Class 1000 cleanrooms.

The new site will offer volume production of micro and high precision optical components used in endoscopes and optical communications, as well as new products currently under development. This enhanced production capacities allows Sumita to increase manufacturing efficiency and meet its customers’ quantity, performance and schedule requirements.

Building Facts

Total number of storeys 3
Total floor area 1900㎡
Clean room area 230㎡
Floor space for vibration isolation 320㎡

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