Urawa factory

  • 4-7-25 Harigaya, Urawa-ku, Saitama-city Saitama 330-8565 Japan
    TEL : 81-(0)48-832-3165

Fukushima factory

  • 174-1 Tabehara, Tajima, Minami-Aizu machi, Minami-Aizu, Fukushima 967-0004 Japan
    TEL : 81-(0)241-62-2626
    • Factory for precision molding lens
      Established in 2001
      It is available from development of glass material, processing equipment to production of molding Die.
    • Factory for high transmission fiber optics
      Established in 1999 Floor 1,160m²
      The inside of this factory is clean room, all production from melting glass to drawing fiber available in clean room. Production and development of fiber optic for next generation start in this factory.
    • Factory for fiber optic
      Established in 1996 Floor 1,203.11m² square
      This is a factory only for production of image bundle with clean room, class 1000.
      High quality & high performance image bundles are supplied to the world from here.
    • Factory for optical glass
      Established in 1996 Floor 3,613.89m² square
      Our optical glass factory is equipped with the latest melting facility.
      We try to improve the quality and shorten the lead time.

Tabehara Nagano Factory

  • 182 Kunugibayashi Nagano Aizu Minamiaizu Fukushima Japan 967-0001
    TEL : 81-(0)241-62-4380
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