About SUMITA Optical Glass, Inc.

We work on our research and development flexibly and freely for the future technology.


Japan is a world eminent optical goods production country.
Optical glass is the main parts.
We, SUMITA have been dealing with light and the world of the optical glass since the foundation of 1953 as a few expert companies in this field.

When it was necessary and natural to import glass material from foreign country, we promoted the domestic production of the glass material and we have been striving for an establishment of precision molding technology to achieve high optical function.

There are about more 200 kinds of optical glass products line up such as camera, video, telescope, microscope and special filter glass, etc. Recently, our optical glasses are used for core parts of multi-media products such as DVD.

We have been developing fiber optics since 1960s. We established production system from raw material to final products earlier.

Our fiber optic is used widely in fields such as medical care, communication, a measurement, the illumination and is opening the application range more and more in optoelectronics and the world.

What SUMITA have been cherishing consistently in light & glass world of the glass is "a free idea not to be seized with a preconceived concept" and "spirits to challenge without being afraid of failure."

We have been striving to develop high value added products to meet customers’ needs so that the competitors can not follow us, without having fallen into easy sales supremacy policy.

And we have been contributing to Japanese overall optics industry and richer culture for people.

Like light and sparkle of the glass, SUMITA continues demanding technical infinite possibility from now on flexibly & freely.

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