Environmental policy

Environmental policy

  1. Basic Ideas

    Based on Sumita Optical Glass, Inc. ‘ s management policy, the environmental policy is to organize & maintain environmental control system and work on environmental preservation to restrain the impact on the ecology to the minimum, resulted in the production of optical glass and fiber optics

  2. Policy
    1. ① We comply with applicable laws related to the environmental aspect and we obey other requirements we agree to. And we cooperate with and associate with the local environment
    2. ② To reduce the burden on environment that entailed by business and to prevent pollution,
      1. We make an effort to reduce noise, to prevent dust, air pollution and water pollution.
      2. We design and promote environmentally friendly products, considering energy saving, resource conservation, reduction of waste and recycling. We also promote green procurement.
    3. ③ We consider the impact on environment in business, set an environmental purpose and goal within the possible range technically and economically, review it regularly and improve the environmental management system continuously.
    4. ④ We communicate with the government office concerned and local residents and improve our awareness on environmental preservation.
    5. ⑤ & ⑥ We thoroughly notify all employees of the content by internal education and publicity, etc., and we publish it in our Web site to disclose outside company.

Sumita Optical Glass, Inc.
Toshiaki Sumita - President

We have ISO14001:2004 certification. (Environmental management system)


Standard ISO 14001 : 2004
Inspection institute AFNOR
Registration number Env/2011/41031.1
Registration applicable range Optical glass, Fiber optics and its applied products
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