Optical Devices/Assembles
Multi-channel Spectroscopy

Multi-channel Spectroscopy

Function of several spectroscopies integrated into one
Multi-channel spectroscope allows simultaneous, multi-point measurement. SUMITA’s optical design enables high resolution and sensitivity.


  • Measurement of wavelength of light source
  • Measurement of transmittance and reflectance


  • Area Measurement

  • Integration Mode


Spectral wavelength range UV (250 – 400 nm)
Vis type (400 – 700 nm)
IR type (700 – 1,200 nm)
Slit width More than 50μm (selectable)
Resolution 1 nm FWHM at a slit of width 50μm
Wavelength repeatability ±0.12 nm(620 nm)
Interface Compatible with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed(480 Mbps)
A/D conversion 18 bit
Pixel count 1024 pixel
Pixel size More than 14 x 14 μm/td>
Exposure 0.1 ms - 6.5535 ms
Dynamic range Appx. 2,500(integral time : 1 ms)
Dimensions 140 x 80 x 55 mm(excluding input terminals)
Weight Appx. 0.5 kg

* Please contact us for change of output mode.