Optical Glass

-Near infrared rays absorbing filter-

  • Sumita's near infrared absorption filter has two kinds, SC-504 and SCM-504. SCM-504 has sharp absorption property more than SC-504.
  • Two kinds of filter glass have scientific endurances and humidity endurance, which can be used in long term.
  • In the area of near infrared radiation, the glass absorbs in high efficiency, and in the visible area, the glass has high transmittance.
  • When spectral sensitivity of solid state image sensing device such as CCD and CMOS cross over visible area and near infrared area, this filter is often applied for revising into normal visible sensitivity.


SC-504 SCM-504
optical properties refractive index(nd) 1.5291 1.53063
thermal properties transformation point Tg(℃) 508 502
yielding point At(℃) 556 545
thermal expansion(α×10-7)
66 71
thermal expansion(α×10-7)
81 87
chemical endurance powder method acid resistance RA 1 1
water resistance RW 1 1
surface method endurance DW 1 1
other properties specific gravity S.g 2.62 2.64
machinery properties knoop hardness HK(N/㎜²)
young's modulus E(×108N/m²) 794 782
modulus of rigidity(×108N/m²) 325 319
Poisson ratio σ 0.222 0.227

spectral diagram

spectral diagram
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