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Glass rod products

Sumita Optical Glass serves the wide range of optical glass rods for applications that are used for small optical components such as ball lenses, rod lenses, and discs.
Processing small diameter which can not be performed in hand press, is possible.
As pressing products in the past, accuracy of outer diameter in small diameter and accuracy of thickness varied much. Thus, processing afterwards caused some problems. But, as cut bar products, we solved this problem. And, we made it possible to process in high accuracy.

bar products / cut bar products

features and applications

Features :
It is possible for small production and mass production, and cut bar products can be created the processing aspects as mirror surface.
Applications :
lens blank in small diameter


Size φ2~φ25
tolerance of external diameter ±0.1(in a case, less than Rz1, ±0.015)
Maximum of length 150.0
minimum quantity / lot 100pcs/1 lot
  • ※According to glass type, the maximum of length may get shorten.
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