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Sumita Optical Glass, Inc., with its deep technological expertise, is a valuable partner for its customers in developing products and customized solutions for applications in optics, opto-electronics, and research. With a product portfolio of a wider variety of glasses, we have developed the value chain: from customized glass development to high-precision optical products such as aspheric lens.


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Optical glass catalogue data

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Product information

Optical glass for precision molding is optimized for molding aspherical and special-shaped lens.

Pressed blanks are hot formed optical glass with mainly described by: diameter, center thickness, radius 1, radius 2,
These are the best ways for producing in many kinds and small productions. As lens materials, this is the most general material for processing.
Regardless of the size of the diameter, it can be processed into the special shapes such as prisms at low cost. In addition, any kinds of glass material can be processed.

Sumita Optical Glass serves the wide range of optical glass rods for applications that are used for small optical components such as ball lenses, rod lenses, and discs.
Processing small diameter which hand press product can not be performed, is possible.
As pressing products in the past, accuracy of outer diameter in small diameter and accuracy of thickness varied much. Thus, some problems occurred in afterward procedures. But, as cut bar products, we solved this problem. And also, we made it possible to process in high accuracy.

Focusrods are single lenses with wide view angle and its chromatic aberrations are small. It is suitable as an object lens of a thin endoscope. This focus rod does not contain 6 RoHS regulation materials.

Infrared transmission glass

High transmission from visible light to middle IR. Weather ability, workability is superior

  • K-GIR140

    Infrared glasses offer excellent transmission in the visible & mid IR wavelength.

  • K-GIR79

    Infrared glasses offer excellent transmission in the visible & mid IR wavelength.

High functioning glass

  • Lumilass

    (functional fluorescent glass)

    Fluorescent glass which converts Ultraviolet radiation into visible light.

  • Yaglass

    (Yaglass-T efficiently converts near infrared ray into visible ray)

    □ Yaglass-T contains nano-sized crystals and high transparent material
    □ High threshold against high power YAG lasers
    □ It is highly resistant to breakage and chipping and the weight is light compared with previous version
    □ The same emission intensity as the previous version
    □ Yaglass (0.55 um emission)
    □ Large size is available. (~ 100 mmφ)
    □ RoHS compatibility

  • SC-504/SCM-504

    SC-504 / SCM-504
    (Near infrared rays absorbing filter)

    NIR absorbing filters are used in digital devices which are familiar with our life such as smart phones and digital cameras. Image sensors has sensitivity to near infrared ray. Generated pictures turn red. Being absorbed NIR, picture quality will increase.

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