Optical Glass

In addition to reliable technology, we are also active for developing products demanded by the times.

Sumita has been developing and manufacturing optical glass as exclusive manufacturer for many years, since our establishment.
Especially, in recent years, we provide preforms for precision press lens in low melting point and stable, and we receive high evaluations.
In addition, we put emphasis on development of the high functional glass which can be applied to an industrial applications, including Lumilass.


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Optical glass catalogue data

  • ver.2017-2-2

  • The latest catalog is updated.

Product information

Optical glass for precision molding is optimized for molding aspherical and special-shaped lens.

These are the best ways for producing in many kinds and small productions. As lens materials, this is the most general material for processing.
Regardless of the size of the diameter, it can be processed into the special shapes such as prisms at low cost. In addition, any kinds of glass material can be processed.

Processing small diameter which hand press product can not be performed, is possible.
As pressing products in the past, accuracy of outer diameter in small diameter and accuracy of thickness varied much. Thus, some problems occurred in afterward procedures. But, as cut bar products, we solved this problem. And also, we made it possible to process in high accuracy.

View angle is wide, and there is a good point that a chromatic aberration is small.
It has superior imaging characteristic with a single lens. A shape is a column. Because an end face is flat, it is most suitable as an object lens of a thin endoscope.
This focus rod does not contain 6 RoHS regulation materials.

Infrared transmission glass

  • K-GIR140

    High transmission from visible light to middle IR. Weather ability, workability is superior

  • K-GIR79

    High transmission from visible light to middle IR. Weather ability, workability is superior

High functioning glass

Technical data(reference product and data)

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