Optical System

Molding Glass Toroidal Lens

  • Realized toroidal lens, the mass production of which was difficult in the past, through precision molding processes.
  • Producing toroidal lens by molding tool, became possible mass production with small individual differences.
molding glass toroidal lens


  • beam formation
  • Aspherical toric lenses is applied for sensors (elliptical detection area)
  • laser beam printers, others


Overall Size less than 15mm
Center Thickness 2mm~15mm
Lens Curvature Radius more than 10mm
Lens Surface Shape Accuracy P-V=less than 2µm
Surface Roughness Ra 0.015µm
  • ※ Customized products within our specification is possible. We are ready for manufacturing free form surface lens and others.

Sample Specifications

Materials K-PSK200
Outside Dimension (X×Y) 10.5mm×13.5mm
Center Thickness 3.0mm
Focal Length X direction 20mm
Y direction 25mm
Curvature Radius X direction 12.2mm
Y direction 15.3mm
Lens Surface Shape Accuracy less than1.6µm (P-V)
Surface Roughness Ra 0.015µm
  • *Contact us for evaluation samples. (This is dealt with for profit. )
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