Optical System

Aspherical Microlens Array

  • Microlens array, of which glass materials superior for excellences with environment resistance and temperature properties, is actualized. It also corresponds with telcordia standard by precise molding.
  • As materials with high refractive index, K-VC89 exceeds 1.8(nd) refractive index is also available.
  • We actualize low cost and mass production(10,000 pcs per month, more than 10,000 pcs are possible) by making use of producing molding tools.
aspherical microlens array


  • collimator lens for communicating
  • coupling lens for communicating
  • LD fixed optics

Processing Examples

Number of channels

Application Examples

For FF(Fiber to Fiber)
For VF(VCSEL to Fiber)


Overall Size □less than 7mm
Lens Thickness more than 0.3mm
Number of Lenses consultation
Lens Pitch Error less than 1µm
Minimum Lens Curvature Radius more than 150µm
Maximum Lens Tilt Angle 40°
Lens Surface Shape Accuracy less than P-V=1µm
Surface Roughness Ra 0.030µm
  • ※ Customized products within our specification is possible.

Sample Specifications

Applications for Collimator for LD Coupling
Materials K-PBK40 K-VC89
Design Wavelength 1550nm 850nm
Focal Length 0.6mm 0.35mm 0.22mm
Numerical Aperture NA 0.18 0.14 0.3x0.2
Lens Pitch 250µm 127µm 250µm
Number of Lenses 12 40 12
Lens Diameter 240µm 125µm 240µm
Lens Thickness 0.6mm 0.76mm 0.55mm
Lens Sag Value 25µm 10µm 38µm
  • ※ サンプル(有償)につきましては、別途お問い合わせ下さい。

Examples of shape accuracy

results of shape measurement shape tolerances P-V=0.25um

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