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Sumita Image Guide Lens

The small lens units are suitable for small image bundles

The Sumita Image Guide Lens has a wide angle of view 110 degrees.
We can also offer image bundles with lens units.

Sumita Image Guide Lens画像


Sumita Endoscope Lens
Parameter SEL110-007 SEL110-012
Lens Image Circle φ0.55mm φ0.9mm
Angle of view 110° ±5 110° ±5
Focal Depth 2mm〜40mm 2mm〜40mm
F Number 3 3.5
Distortion* 37.5% (Design Value) 36% (Design Value)
Outer Diameter φ0.7mm -0.005/-0.025 φ1.2mm +0/-0.025
Length 1.28mm φ0.05 1.7mm φ0.05
Material SUS SUS
IG Model Number 07F0910C-7.2ESA 07F1000PUC-5.5ESA 118F0790A-7.4ESA 12F0840C-6.7ESA 126F0910C-7.4ESA
Active Area φ0.4mm φ0.5mm φ0.89mm φ0.8 φ0.89
Pixel Count 5,200 9,000 16,000 16,000 16,000
Ferrule Diameter φ0.7mm +0/-0.02 φ0.7mm +0/-0.02 φ1.18mm +0/-0.02 φ1.2mm +0/-0.02 φ1.26mm +0/-0.02
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