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Molding Glass Aspherical Lens

  • We can correspond from φ1.0mm minimum size lens to big diameter, exceeds φ30mm
  • Accuracy is Ra0.003um (special quality), we can mold lens in very high accuracy.
  • We can correspond from dozens of trial to tens of thousands of mass production. And, we accept inquiries from optical designs.
molding glass aspherical lens


Lens Diameter φ1mm~φ30mm
Center Thickness 0.5mm〜20mm
Lens Ahape biconvex, convex-concave, both concave
Curvature Radius 0.6mm〜∞
Coating AR and other various type
  • ※ Customized products within our specification is possible.

Accuracy of Aspherical Molding Lens

Item Standard Quality Special Quality
Lens Diameter ±0.02mm ±0.005mm
Center Thickness ±0.03mm ±0.005mm
Spherical Shape (Fringes) 3pcs (irregularity : 1pc) 1pcs (irregularity : 0.5pc)
Aspherical Shape Accuracy less than 1µm (P-V) less than 0.5µm (P-V)
Decentration (Quantity of Transmitting Decentration) 1' 0.2'
Surface Roughness Ra 0.005µm Ra 0.003µm
  • ※ Concerning surface accuracy, it depends on lens size and shape. Thus, please contact us separately.
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