Optical System

Accomplishment of manufacturing of high precision lens products through precision mold machining technology

Aspherical precision molding lens which was manufactured by tool in super precise processing technology.
We can correspond with various shapes of lens, such as aspherical lens and special shape lens(free-shaped surface lens).

Features for Sumita's aspherical glass molding lens
  • We can correspond with small production and mass production.
  • high accuracy
  • We can correspond from optical designs.
  • We can correspond with optical units production, modules trial, and mass productions.

We have experiences in long terms and accumulation in technology. We integrated production lines from optical design to finished products. Thus, we can correspond with various requests.
We have square shaped lens, free shaped surface lens, free shaped surface mirrors, aspherical cylindrical lens, microlens array, prism with lens, V groove array and others.
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list of aspherical molding optical glass


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Data for Optical Glass

  • ver.2018-7-18

  • The latest catalog is updated.


Aspherical lens is applied in digital camera, pickup lens and light communications.

  • What is Aspherical Lens?

    We plainly explain the features for aspherical lens, necessity, how to produce and the differences between aspherical lens and general glass.

We prepared glass materials which have excellence for environmental endurances and temperature properties.
K-PG325 and K-PNK40 are applicable for collimators. K-VC89 whose refractive index exceeds 1.8(nd) is applicable for LD coupling.

• collimator lens for communicating
• coupling lens for communicating

Because the lenses are aspherical, we got rid of spherical aberration, and actualized sharp linear spots.

• laser line generator
• revision of semi-conductor laser's ellipse beam
• for concentrating light of line sensor

Minute, and high precise cylindrical lens, are actualized by glass molding technology.

• optical fiber coupling
• light dispersion
• forming laser lines

Realizing mass production of toroidal lenses, which was difficult in the past, through precision molding processes.

• beam formation
• aspherical toric lens is applied for sensors
(area for detecting ellipse)
• laser beam printer, etc

The ultra micro lens made of high index glass enables endoscopes to take wide pictures.

• Small thin endoscope

The Sumita Image Guide Lens has a wide angle of view 110 degrees.
We can also offer image bundles with lens units.

Ultra wide, high-performance aspherical lens employed.

• actualized in wider field angle and compactness
• It is applicable in bad environments, and correspond with autoclave.
• The unit actualized brightness and wide depth of field.

high performance laser pointer with aspherical lens installed / line laser generator

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