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Ultraviolet Sensor UV-300

An ultraviolet sensor for high-performance production lines
Utilizing high-durability, ultraviolet/visible light- wavelength conversion glass

This is an ultraviolet sensor for continuously monitoring of whether incident light intensity is constant. This monitors lamp degradation and failure to turn on, enabling appropriate management of lamp replacement.
Providing feedback on fluctuations in lamp light intensity ensures that this is kept stable.
Two operating modes are provided: light intensity mode, and integrated mode. Furthermore, analog output of 1 – 5 V voltage and 4 – 20 mA current is provided as standard, and this also incorporates sensitivity setting using teaching, as well as an answer back function.

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  • Semiconductor manufacturing devices
  • disinfection and sterilization
  • UV curing
  • lighting
  • air cleaning
  • 3D printing
  • medical applications



Examples of use

Examples of use


Amplifier Unit

Model UV-300
Operation display light Red LED (lit when output detection is ON)
Measurement light intensity range * [254nm] 0.1 - 30mW/cm², high sensitivity head: 0.01 - 3mW/cm²
【365nm】3 - 900mW/cm², high sensitivity head: 0.3 - 90mW/cm²
External teaching input
External reset input
ON: 0 - 1.5V(0V short circuit current 1 mA or less)
OFF: Open or 4 - 30V
Light intensity value display (relative value) 3-digit LED
Light intensity mode: 0 - 125%
Integration mode: 0 - 200%
Detection output
Answer back output
NPN open collector (DC 30 V, 100 mA or less)
Analog output Voltage/current switching with a switch
1 - 5V(0 - 100%, 6V/125%)
4 - 20mA (0 - 100%, 24mA/125%)
Detection output threshold setting Set in 1% steps by switching
Light intensity mode: 10 – 100%
Integration mode: 10 – 200%
Sensitivity setting Teaching sensitivity (set to 100%)
Lowest sensitivity, highest sensitivity, zero-point setting
Cable 0.15mm² shielded 7 core cabtyre
cable 5.5 mm diam. ×2 m
Repeatability accuracy ±2% F.S. or less
Temperature drift 0.1%F.S./℃ or less
Usage environment -25 - +55℃ /35 - 85% RH
(no condensation or freezing)
Power supply voltage DC12 - 24V ±10%
(ripple P-P 10% or less)
Response time 300ms or less
Current consumption 50mA or less
(excluding output current)
Mass About 140 g
  • * 254 nm: Orc Manufacturing Co., Ltd. UV-MO2 (UV-25) 365 nm: Ushio Inc. UIT-101 (UVD-365PD)

Sensor Head

Model * UV-T365 UV-T254 UV-L UV-S
Features Heat resistant Long sleeve Short sleeve
Monitoring wavelength range 300 - 380nm 170 - 380nm
Temperature drift -0.1%/℃ or less
Usage environment -40 - +300℃/ 35 - 85% RH(no condensation or freezing) -40 - +150℃/ 35 - 85% RH(no condensation or freezing)
Material Ultraviolet-visible wavelength conversion glass, stainless steel
accessories M6 nuts, washers
  • * UV-T365 and UV-T254 have high sensitivity heads UV-T365W, UV-T254W.

Light Guide

Model UV-H UV-F
Features Heat resistant Free cut
Usage environment -40 - +300℃/ 35 - 85% RH (no condensation or freezing) -40 - +70℃/ 35 - 85% RH (no condensation or freezing)
Storage temperature -40 - +70℃
Total length 2m (including ultraviolet protection tube) 2m (including tip 1 m ultraviolet protection tube)
Material Multi-component glass, stainless steel Acrylic, polyethylene, stainless steel
  • * Heat resistance temperature of the amplifier insertion part is +70℃


Amplifier (UV-300)


Heat Resistant Sensor Head

UT-254 (no black glass)/ UV-T365


UV-S(L=50±1) / UV-L(L=100±1)


Light Guide




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