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Ultraviolet Rays Sensor UV-200

The sensor picks up and displays the ultraviolet rays that eyes is unable to perceive.
Because the sensor applies Sumita's ultraviolet to visible wavelength conversion glass, reliability is high, and it is the optimum sensor device for factory production line inspection.
It is possible to select the optimum sensor head for the wavelength, and operation is also simple.

  • This is optimum sensor device for factory production line inspection with high reliability.
    Ultraviolet to visible wavelength conversion glass is adopted, make it possible to observe continually and stably, even in high power ultraviolet rays.
  • Sensor head has wavelength selectivity for ultraviolet rays. (heat-resistant type)
    By applying sensor head that matches with wavelength, make it possible to observe more accurate.
  • Light guide has two types, heat-resistant type and free cut type.
    heat-resistant type : heat-resistant temperature+300℃
    free cut type : with 1m protection tube for tip
  • Operation is easy.
    When you push teaching button(or external input button) in beginning condition, intensity value is memorized in built-in memory, display value goes 100%.
    Setting threshold value is possible by 1% step of teaching value ratio.
    After input value goes less than threshold value, detecting output switches on. (intensity mode)
    When integrated value is between zero and setting value, detecting output is switched on. (accumulation mode)
  • Analog output is equipped as standard. Thus, it is applicable for controlling UV rays intensity and recordings.
ultraviolet rays sensor UV-200




amplifier body

Type UV-200
Intensity range of measurement※ (254nm)0.1〜30mW/cm², while supersensitive head is applied 0.01〜3mW/cm²
(365nm)3〜900mW/cm², while supersensitive head is applied 0.3〜90mW/cm²
Power supply, voltage DC12〜24V±10%(ripple P~less than 10%)
Consumption electrical current less than 70mA
Display of intensity value three figure LED(% value when teaching value is set as 100)
Action display light red LED
Detecting output NPN open collector(DC30V, less than 100mA)
residual voltage is less than 1V (during 100mA) less than 0.4V(during 16mA)
intensity mode : The mode is switched on when intensity goes less than beginning setting value.
accumulation mode : From the beginning of accumulations to the value goes till beginning value, the mode is switched on.
Analog output 1~5V(load resistance, more than 10KΩ)
External teaching input ON : 0~1.5V(Short-circuit current, less than 1mA)
OFF : open, or 4~30V
External reset input ON : 0~1.5V(Short-circuit, less than 1mA)
OFF : open or 4~30V
Protection circuit protection for converting power supply, short-circuit protection for detecting output
Setting sensitivity teaching (Setting 100% value by switch or by external input)
Setting the threshold value By switches, %value can be set by each 1% step
intensity mode : 10~100%
accumulation mode : 10~200%
Repeating accuracy less than ±2%F.S.
Temperature drift less than 0.2%F.S./℃
Response time less than 300ms
Temperature of surrounding -10〜+50℃ (prevent from condensation, freezing)
Humidity of surrounding 35〜85%RH
Isolation resistance On DC250V mega, more than 20MΩ
charging parts altogether, between cases
Voltage resistance AC1000V for 1 minute
charging parts altogether, between cases
Protection composition IP40
Cable 0.2mm² 6core cab-tire cable with 2m
Material heat-resistant ABS(case), poly-carbonate(cover)
  • ※ 254nm: oak works UV-M02(UV-25) 365nm: Ushio Electric(UVD-365PD)

sensor head

Type※ UV-T365 UV-T254 UV-L UV-S
Features heat-resistant long sleeve short sleeve
Range for monitoring wavelength 300〜380nm 170〜380nm
Temperature drift less than -0.1%/℃
Temperature of surroundings -40〜+300℃
(Prevent from condensation and freezing)
(Prevent from condensation and freezing)
Humidity of surroundings 35〜85%RH
Material ultraviolet to visible wavelength conversion glass, SUS
Appendix M6 nut, metal washer
  • ※ For UV-T365, UV-T254, high sensitivity head UV-T365W, UV-T254W are available.

light guide

Type UV-H UV-F
Features heat-resistance free cut
Temperature of surroundings -40〜+300℃※
(Preventing from condensation and freezing)
(Preventing from condensation and freezing)
Preserving temperature -40〜+70℃
Temperature of surroundings 35〜85%RH
Total length 2m (with protection tube for UV rays) 2m (with protection tube for UV rays, for tip 1m)
Material multi-component glass, SUS acrylic fiber, polyethylene, SUS
  • ※ On insertion part of amplifier, heat-resistance temperature is 70℃.

Input Output Circuit

input output circuit


Amplifier Body(UV-200)

Amplifier body(UV-200)

Light Guide





Sensor Head

UV-T254, UV-T365

UV-T254, UV-T365




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