Fiber Optics


  • 2.5 times high power of Halogen light source, 150W
  • Power consumption 100 W (50% deduction, compared with Halogen light source 150W)
  • Color of emission : white
  • Fibers to be used with :φ5, φ8, φ10, φ14, φ16
  • Life time : About 30,000 H
  • Function for adjusting intensity in remote Ethernet.
    8 bit digital light control (0 - 5 V light control is to be custom-made.)

Comparison of Illumination

Light intensity 100%, φ10 fibers, WD 50mm

Comparison of illumination

Spectral Diagram

Spectral diagram


Model LS-L109
AC input rated frequency AC100〜240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 100W
Color of LED emission white
Average illumination (*1) 700,000 lux
Light control method Variable current control
Intensity control Manual -- continuous control of intensity by volume on front face
Remote -- Ethernet, 8 bit digital control
analog input voltage DC0 ~+5V
Environment conditions Temperature surroundings 0 - 40℃ Humidity
surroundings 20 - 80%RH (no condensation)
Cooling system Forced air cooling by fan
LED life time (*2) About 30,000 H
Color temperature About 6,500 K
Switching DC switching
Alarm function LED abnormal temperature, LED abnormal conditions, Fan abnormal conditions
Ecology RohS compatibility
Outside dimension W110 x H116 x D221 [mm] (except for projection)
Weight About 2.6kg
  • *1 Reference value on the conditions with φ10×L1000 Sumita light guide and working distance 50mm
  • *2 LED life time is subject to change due to environmental temperature.


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