Fiber Optics

Visible Fiber Laser Elements

By adding various radiate ion on fluoride glass, blue-green, green, yellow-green, yellow, orange, red fluorescent light are displayed by purple and blue excitation.
Installing mirrors which reflect particular wavelength light on each edge of fibers, make it possible to oscillate laser.
It is possible to perform vapor depositing mirrors on edge face.

visible fiber laser elements


  • fluoride fiber (fine weather resistance)
  • It is possible to oscillate various wavelengths !
  • diode laser excitation, from purple to blue
  • effects of speckle noise reduction
  • Fixing by ferrule became possible to handle easy.
  • To make it free from 6 regulation substances by RoHS
  • Adding on various radiation ion is possible.


Visible Fiber Laser Elements
outside dimensions Φ2.5mm, L=40mm
core diameter 7,8,11μm, NA 0.30
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