Fiber Optics

Offering optical fiber of distinctive optical glass technology through to the final products

  • Sumita's fiber is multi-component fiber, which is made from optical glass.
  • We make use of manufacturing technology of optical glass, and we assort various kinds of fibers which other companies do not have.
  • Optical fibers have superior transmittances, which widely applied in various fields such as industrial, medical, general illuminations.


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A cord of many glass optical fibers bundled together for the purpose of transmitting light, is known as a light guide.
We deal with many customized products besides standard items below.

We assort various light sources such as metal hallide, halogen, matching with customer's wave length inquiry from ultraviolet to near infrared area.

  • LED


    LS-L109 is 2.5 times powerful, compared with Halogen light source 150W.

  • LS-LH150

    LS-LH150 This light source has long life, low electricity consumption, classified for 150watt halogen.

  • metal hallide


    This light source has lifetime 2000 hours, color temperature 7500°K

  • LS-M250/350

    This is optimum for line sensor light, high-speed image processing.

  • LS-M252A/352A

    We improved its performances of LS-M250/350 for this device, still more.

  • UV


    strength of UV irradiation intensity : 3800mW/cm²

This light is line illumination for surface emitting which applies quarts rod.
This transmission light is optimum for inspection light which applies CCD & line sensors.

An ultraviolet sensor for high-performance production lines
Utilizing high-durability, ultraviolet/visible light- wavelength conversion glass

A cord of many glass optical fibers bundled together for the purpose of transmitting images. They are flexible for bending like a rope. Thus, it is possible to insert narrow locations.

Because a diameter is thick, it is not flexible like image guide. But, it is possible to bend optical paths, and to taper the tip of diameter.

Fluoride fiber with fine weather resistance is applied. Fluorescence light in blue-green, green, yellow-green, orange and red are emitted.

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