Fiber Optics

Offering optical fiber of distinctive optical glass technology through to the final products

  • Sumita's fiber is multi-component fiber, which is made from optical glass.
  • We make use of manufacturing technology of optical glass, and we assort various kinds of fibers which other companies do not have.
  • Optical fibers have superior transmittances, which widely applied in various fields such as industrial, medical, general illuminations.


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A cord of many glass optical fibers bundled together for the purpose of transmitting light, is known as a light guide.
We deal with many customized products besides standard items below.

light source

Light Source

  • LED


    LS-L109 is 2.5 times powerful, compared with Halogen light source 150W.

  • LS-LH150

    LS-LH150 This light source has long life, low electricity consumption, classified for 150watt halogen.

Linear Lights are lighting components that illuminate line illumination. The linear lights consist of quartz rod and aluminum casing. Its excellent lighting characteristics, including its high uniformity of intensity, make it one of the most suitable lighting systems for scanner and inspection instruments that are used with CCDs or line sensors. Halogen and metal halide lamps as well as LED fiber light guides can be used as a light source. Linear Light also has a low thermal transmission coefficient. Furthermore, as the rod and light source sections are separated from each other, it is easy to maintain Linear Light and to replace lamp. Effective light emission lengths ranging from 100 mm to 2,700 mm are available.

An ultraviolet sensor for high-performance production lines
Utilizing high-durability, ultraviolet/visible light- wavelength conversion glass

A cord of many glass optical fibers bundled together for the purpose of transmitting images. They are flexible for bending like a rope. Thus, it is possible to insert narrow locations.

Because a diameter is thick, it is not flexible like image guide. But, it is possible to bend optical paths, and to taper the tip of diameter.

Fluoride fiber with fine weather resistance is applied. Fluorescence light in blue-green, green, yellow-green, orange and red are emitted.

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