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Functional glass
Sumita products keep high-tech companies at the leading edge of technology
Sumita Optical Glass continues to challenge the limits of creativity and innovation with a wide range of optical glass products of the very highest quality. They can be found in literally hundreds of products of virtually every configuration in the fields of medicine, communications, imaging and more.
Superior properties and characteristics make Sumita Optical Glass the optimum choice for use in advanced products with high added value, manufactured by a broad variety of high-tech companies around the world.
Glass LCD Spacers
Glass LCD Spacer image Highly uniform in both length and diameter to assure the precise gap essential for the proper functioning of liquid crystal displays.
Features: Non-alkaline, highly precise and uniform diameter and length
Applications: For liquid crystal displays
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Sealing Glass
Sealing Glass image One of Sumita Optical Glass’s original technological innovations. Widely used for ferrite, sendust, amorphous and ceramic materials in the electric and electronics industries.
Features: Superior heat resistance, weathering resistance, mechanical strength and electrical properties
Applications: Sealing/gap material for ferrite, sendust, amorphous and ceramic materials
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UV Sensor/UV-200
UV Sinsor/UV-100 image Stable and continuous monitoring under a strong UV light has become possible thanks to the adoption of UV-visible conversion glass. UV detection range is selectable by changing the sensor probes. A probe which is heat-resistant up to 300°C is available. A standard amplifier provides input & output modes for outside or remote control monitoring. Uniform irradiation volume is controlled by integrate mode, even under UV light source power attenuation.
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Optical Communication
Optical Communication image Glass substrates, ball lenses, aspheric lenses and other items for optical communication devices.
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High Efficiency Intrared to Visible Light Converter
High Effciency Intrared to Visible Light Converter image New fluorescent materials have been developed for highly efficient conversion of infrared rays into visible light, which are now applied in convenient and useful tools.
Detected Wavelength Ranges
0.9 to 1.07μm
Emission wavelength
Features: High damage threshold
Applications: Infrared ray checkers, infrared ray sensor cards
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Lumilass image Offers highly efficient conversion of UV light into visible light
Lumilass R7:
Red fluorescence of 610nm by faint UV light in the 250-420 nm range
Lumilass G9:
Green florescence of 540nm by faint UV light in the 200-390nm range
Lumilass B:
Blue fluorescence of 410nm by faint UV light in the 200-400nm range
Features: High fluorescent sensitivity, high durability and wide excitation range
Applications: Profilers for excimer lasers, a standard test material for fluorescence characteristics, decorative uses
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Near Infrared Ray Filters
Near Infrared Ray Filter image Used to correct spectral sensitivity to a luminous efficiency when spectral sensitivity extends from the visible to the near infrared range.
Features: Efficiently absorbs near infrared light while maintaining superior chemical and moisture resistance
Applications: Filters for CCD elements
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Didn't find what you are looking for?
It doesn't surprise us. With technology advancing at an ever-faster rate, there's a good chance that your application requires an engineering glass product or other glass-based material with special requirements. That's when we put our long years of technical expertise in product innovation and manufacture to work to create exactly the product you need to take your idea from the drawing board to the production line. Please feel free to contact us directly concerning your entire set of requirements, from properties to workability, and from price to delivery. Our team of experts is waiting to serve you.
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