Research and Development

Research and development is Sumita's core.

“ It would be interesting, if we could do something like this with optical glass.”
“ What should we do to obtain advanced technology than the one we have now ?”
“What kind of optical glass would be easy on people as well as earth ?”

We always start a development of the new glass material like this idea.
Up to now, we have been developing very unique and epoch making optical products, thanks to free working environment. For more details, please refer to each products web site.

  1. Development plan
    Each person in charge at R & D plans development of new glass material by himself. It starts from composition of raw materials, they also pay attention to ecology factor as well.
  2. Test melting of glass and evaluation
    They decide the composition and melt it in the test furnace. After this, they evaluate the temporary glass and repeat this process until the final glass is completed.
  3. Pressing test & drawing test
    They check out the completed glass whether or not it would be suitable for pressing or drawing.
  4. Mass production test
    And finally, they see whether or not the completed glass would be suitable for mass production. If everything would go well, the final composition is decided.
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