Production Line

We melt and manufacture our optical products in our domestic factory

From mixture of raw material, melting, annealing, processing and to final products
We manufacture optical glass products in our own production line internally
It is our great merit that we can manufacture optical products from raw material to final products in one factory. This is one of the proof that we produce based on strict quality control.

There is a case that compounding raw material precisely is necessary and manufacturing previse Die is required to mold glass lens.
In this case, if there would be a factory where each production process can be done at one place, we could manufacture high quality products without production loss and in short time. Further more, if a production machine with special function is required, we can modify it or manufacture it newly.
Such a start-to-finish production method may be too undesired form in these days of the efficiency first.
However, we want to be particular about this method daringly.
It is because there is big merit called the technical accumulation to the office other than the reason called thorough quality control. And it may be said that the accumulation of the technique is our future assets.

  1. Melting
    Necessary raw materials are selected and compounded in accordance with optical property. The compounded raw materials are melted. The temperature is 1200 - 1400 ℃.
  2. Inspection
    The melted glass is cooled down gradually . The block glasses are inspected to eliminate bubble, striae, and good quality ones are selected. This operation needs high techniques.
  3. Annealing & evaluation of property
    After the inspection, the glass is annealed. And then, the optical property and thermal property are measured in detail. It is checked out if it meets the optical standard or not.
    • Drawing fibers
      Optical fibers are drawn from a hole at the bottom of the melting pot, like thread.
      Fiber optics products
    • Molding lens
      Aspheric lens, prism, and micro lens array are molded with Die by precision molding technology. Polishing is not required. It saves time and cost.
      Optical system products
    • Pressing lens
      Softened glass by repeat is pressed with Die. It is high tolerance and high quality. It saves production cost.
      Optical glass products
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