Quality Policy

Quality Policy

  • Basic idea

    We design and manufacture various optical glass and fiber optic products as standard & custom-made ones. And we provide the satisfactory goods in response to the demand of customers. To realize this, we maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system, plan to increase the order quantity and the profit by improving the system continuously, provide the customers with the higher quality products and act to raise the credibility of them.

  • Action guideline
    1. ① Customer first
      We design and develop products in response to the demand of the customer. We provide them with products with high quality & high technology which we cultivated and we make an effort to get the credibility of them.
    2. ② Compliance with laws, ordinances and regulations
      We recognize the importance of our product in the market place, and, as basics in response to it, all employees comply with the associated laws and ordinances and regulations.
    3. ③ Maintenance & improvement of quality management system
      We aim the target of quality control clearly based on quality policy. We always challenge the high goal and through this, we improve the effectiveness of the quality management continuously as well as we maintain it.

We thoroughly notify all employees of the content by internal education and publicity, etc., and we publish it in our Web site to disclose outside company.

Sumita Optical Glass, Inc.
Toshiaki Sumita - President

Sumita Optical Glass, Inc. is certified ISO9001:2008 (Quality management system)
ISO 13485:2003 (Quality management system of medical equipment)


Applied standard ISO 9001 : 2008
Certified by AFNOR
Registration number QUAL/2012/42676
Registered applicable range Optical glass, Fiber optics and its related products.


Applied standard ISO 13485 : 2003, EN ISO 13485:2013
Certified by SGS
Registration number JP14/040381
Registered applicable range Design and production of medical scope (Flexible bronchus scope) and production of related medical scope
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